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The "Archive" window is the starting point for any fan-mission. It controls which levels are saved in the archive.dat file as well as allows to add or remove a level from being part of the active mod.


The level list displays the 16 possible and in the archive.dat saved levels (0 for the first and 15 for the last level):

  • a green number symbolises that the selected level is part of the active mod, and
  • a light gray (not in mod, read-only) symbolises that the selected level is not part of the active mod. (It is "removed")

The two Clear and Remove buttons feature specific functions that alter the availability of the levels in the active mod and how they are stored in the archive.dat file. Both actions can be undone.

Clear Level

The Clear button resets data of the selected level to default settings. This allows to build a level from scratch. Furthermore it adds the selected level to the active mod, if it was not part of the mod.

In summary, the Clear button provides three functions:

  • to clear (reset) a levels level-global settings, level tiles and level objects which allows to rebuild the selected level from scratch
  • to add an empty level to the active mod
  • make the level part of the active mod again, should it have been "removed" previously.

To select the "cleared" level that you want to edit for the active mod, use the "Level Control" window.

Remove Level

The Remove button removes the level from the archive.dat. Removed levels can not be edited and not part of the active mod. To be able to edit a "removed" level again and make it part of the active mod, the Clear button must be used to add it back to the archive.dat.

A classic game engine always starts the game on level 1, so the editor indicates a missing level 1 by highlighting it in red.

The NDS "Source Port", which is a compatible game engine, allows to load original levels, or levels of other mods, if the given level is "removed" from the current mod.

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