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This page collects descriptions of various terms used in the context of System Shock and HackEd.


Classic Engine

A classic engine is one which hasn't got it's main code altered drastically. This includes the original DOS releases (both on diskette and CD-ROM), the "System Shock: Classic" (found on Steam), as well as the "SHLINK" based engines, which also includes the first "System Shock: Enhanced Edition" that was released on Steam before it was replaced by the "Source Port".

These engines, from a data-file perspective, don't differ from the original versions. They support only what the original DOS releases supported and nothing more.

Compatible Engine

A compatible engine is one that is based on either the source release, such as Shockolate, or the "Source Port" by NDS.

Such engines allow modification of the engine's behaviour, as well as more complex modding support.


Object ID

An object ID uniquely identifies an object in a level. When editing, the object ID 0 typically refers to "no object".

Triple / Object Triple

Each object in the game has a unique classification. This classification is done using three numbers, called Class, Subclass, and Type. Classes are a rough grouping of objects, such as Hardware, or Fixtures. System Shock has 15 classes. Subclasses refine these classes, such as Cyborgs or Androids for the class of Critters. Types then specify one specific type of objects in that Class/Subclass, such as a Mutant.

Triples are written like this: 14/1/ 3. Class = 14, Subclass = 1, Type = 3.

User Interface

Primary Mouse Button

The primary mouse button is referring to the one that is marked for main operations in the operating system. By default, this is the left mouse button. Some operating systems allow the option to swap them, for left-handed people for example. Other input devices, such as pens, can also emit events for this button.

Secondary Mouse Button

The secondary mouse button is referring to the alternative button. By default, this is the right mouse button.

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