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LeanMapperExtractor generates schema from Lean Mapper entities.

$directories = '/path/to/model/Entities/';
// or
$directories = array(

$mapper = new LeanMapper\DefaultMapper;
$extractor = new Inlm\SchemaGenerator\Extractors\LeanMapperExtractor($directories, $mapper);


@property string|NULL $web m:schemaType(varchar:50)
Flag Description Example
m:schemaType column datatype m:schemaType(varchar:50), m:schemaType(int:10 unsigned)
m:schemaComment column comment m:schemaComment(Lorem ipsum)
m:schemaAutoIncrement has column AUTO_INCREMENT? m:schemaAutoIncrement
m:schemaIndex create INDEX for column m:schemaIndex
m:schemaPrimary create PRIMARY KEY for column m:schemaPrimary
m:schemaUnique create UNIQUE INDEX for column m:schemaUnique

If primary column is integer (@property int $id), automatically gets AUTO_INCREMENT.

Flag m:schemaType can be used with custom types too - for example m:schemaType(money) or m:schemaType(money unsigned).

In case if is flag m:schemaType missing, it uses default type or your custom type.


Annotation Description Example
@schemaComment table comment @schemaComment Lorem ipsum
@schemaOption table option @schemaOption COLLATE utf8_czech_ci
@schemaIndex create INDEX @schemaIndex propertyA, propertyB
@schemaPrimary create PRIMARY KEY @schemaPrimary propertyA, propertyB
@schemaUnique create UNIQUE INDEX @schemaUnique propertyA, propertyB
@schemaIgnore ignore entity @schemaIgnore

You can define default table options globally.


 * @property int $id
 * @property string $name m:schemaType(varchar:100)
 * @schemaOption COLLATE utf8_czech_ci
class Author extends \LeanMapper\Entity
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