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index / Manifest

Purpose wants to be a website built by the community for the community.

The purpose is to create a repository of code snippets and guides related to Symfony that can be submitted by users.

A roadmap is available through the file

Philosophy of

When a developer (eg: you) has to face a difficult task for him/her, a common behavior should be (before spending x hours multiplied by 3) searching on internet if someone (more or less in order) already resolved that problem, or resolved a similar problem, or wrote something requiring help and someone other helped him.

Many times you found useful information, but it is often fragmentary, put in very different places and not consistent regarding the format. In one word: not organic.

The philosophy of follows two binaries:

  1. provide a repository of publicly shared:
  • recipes
  • code snippets
  • cookbooks
  • suggestions
  • help requests
  • ... (what more?)
  1. leave the development of the entire platform to the community, as well as contain many cool snippets of great code, wants to be itself an example of Symfony best practices. And more: the entire platform serves and is created by the community with an open-source philosophy, the same that distinguishes Symfony. If you are a Symfony lover, you should be definitively interested in!

Technical specifications

Here is a list of tools used to build

Used tools very hardly subjected to discussion:

Used tools optionally subjected to discussion:

How you can help

  • The very first thing you can do after reading all this document is to comment this issue: is the purpose of clear?
  • you can fork and get a local working copy following the instruction of this wiki page
  • you can keep in touch, watch, follow, tweet, retweet and many other beautyful bozzwords!

Who is behind

The repository mantainer is me, inmarelibero (twitter). I'm a Symfony lover and had this idea, simply.

It is also possible that this project is starting for fun, but I think I'm not the only one having fun with sf.