Get a working local copy: instructions

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Build up a working local copy

Follow this instructions to grab a copy of and have a full working local copy.

1. create the folder containing the prjoject:

mkdir SymfonyBricksClonedFromGithub (choose the folder name)
cd SymfonyBricksClonedFromGithub

2. clone the project

git clone .

3. (optionally) edit permissions:

chmod -R 777 .

4. install Composer

follow this guide to have composer.phar present in your project root

5. install Symfony vendors

php composer.phar update

this command will install Symfony vendors through composer.json

6. setup parameters.yml

copy (don't rename) the file app/config/parameters.yml-dist into the file app/config/parameters.yml

change the settings (eg: mysql connection datas) to match your local machine settings

7. setup the database

if you don't have one yet, create a mysql database on your local machine, called eg. symfonybricks

change the connection parameters in the file app/config/parameters.ini (mark this file as "assume not changed" is a good idea if you will commit something)

update database schema:

app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

as now there are no fixtures, but soon a sql dump containing example database content will be available

8. configure your web server

For example Apache: configure a virtual host to point to the /web directory of the cloned project

9. that's it!

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