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Kubernetes Deployment of two separate akka microservices which communicate via gRPC
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This is a akka kubernetes deployment example. It runs on minikube and uses the newest akka-management release and the sbt native packager for container creation.

  • A backend service which starts a akka cluster on 3 nodes (pods) and counts the greeting count for a given name
  • A frontend service which uses akka discovery to get the gRPC endpoint of service 1 to ask the cluster

arhchitecture //


Steps to run the demo cluster:

  • install minikube brew cask install minikube
  • configure docker eng in terminal eval $(minikube docker-env)
  • go to k8s folder cd k8s
  • run build script ./
  • configure kubernetes cluster roles before first run kubectl apply -f rbac-init.yaml
  • run service 1 (backend) first kubectl apply -f service1.yaml
  • run service 2 (frontend) kubectl apply -f service2.yaml
  • get your minikube ip minikube ip
  • get the service port of your NodePort Service 2 kubectl get services
  • call you minikube ip on the given NodePort with your favorite browser - The http result should be Service 2 is ok
    • if this doesn't work use minikube service service2 which shows the URL you have to use and opens your favourite browser - The http result in the browser should be Service 2 is ok
  • call the get path greet with a name e.g - The http result should be something like Hello innFactory - The actorsystem greeted you 1 times!

Update service

Example for service1:

  • make your code changes
  • in the file service1/build.sbt update the version in Docker value to 0.2 for example
  • go to k8s folder cd k8s
  • run build script ./
  • rollout new version kubectl set image deployment/service1 service1=innfactory-test/service1:0.2
  • check the status of the deployment with kubectl get pods


ServiceDiscovery is made with akka discovery and a bit dirty, because it does not use the cluster ip of service 1 for the grpc calls. It just tooks the first resolution address from the pod list with selector app=service1 and blocks service2 with Await. For a production use-case this should be changed and the the grpc client binding should use the result of the kubernetes-api-discovery from future and not from Await with hard .get!!!. Logging is also very dirty and there are a lot of println.



innFactory - Cloud Engineering Experts - akka, grpc, k8s, kubernetes

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