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# Releases
## inngest@3.7.0

### Minor Changes

- [#368](#368)
Thanks [@jpwilliams](! - Add
`step.invoke()`, providing the ability to directly invoke a function as
a step

### Patch Changes

- [#415](#415)
Thanks [@jpwilliams](! - Move to Apache
License 2.0

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Serverless event-driven queues, background jobs, and scheduled jobs for Typescript.
Works with any framework and platform.

Read the documentation and get started in minutes.

On any serverless platform (Next.js, Deno Deploy, RedwoodJS, AWS Lambda, and anything else) and with no extra infrastructure:

  • ⚑ Write background jobs
  • πŸ• Create scheduled & cron jobs
  • ♻️ Build serverless queues
  • πŸͺœ Write complex step functions
  • 🚘 Build serverless event-driven systems
  • πŸͺ Reliably respond to webhooks, with retries & payloads stored for history

πŸ‘‹ Have a question or feature request? Join our Discord!

Getting started Β· Features Β· Contributing Β· Documentation

Getting started

Install Inngest:

npm install inngest  # or yarn add inngest

Writing functions

Write serverless functions and background jobs right in your own code:

import { Inngest } from "inngest";

const inngest = new Inngest({ name: "My App" });

// This function will be invoked by Inngest via HTTP any time
// the "app/user.signup" event is sent to to Inngest
export default inngest.createFunction(
  { name: "User onboarding communication" },
  { event: "app/user.signup" },
  async ({ event, step }) => {
    await"Send welcome email", async () => {
      await sendEmail({
        template: "welcome",
  • Functions are triggered by events which can be sent via this SDK, webhooks, integrations, or with a simple HTTP request.
  • When a matching event is received, Inngest invokes the function automatically, with built-in retries.

Serving your functions

Inngest invokes functions via HTTP, so you need to serve them using an adapter for the framework of your choice. See all frameworks here in our docs. Here is an example using the Next.js serve handler:

// /pages/api/inngest.ts
import { Inngest } from "inngest";
// See the "inngest/next" adapter imported here:
import { serve } from "inngest/next";
import myFunction from "../userOnboardingCOmmunication"; // see above function

// You can create this in a single file and import where it's needed
const inngest = new Inngest({ name: "My App" });

// Securely serve your Inngest functions for remote invocation:
export default serve(inngest, [myFunction]);

Sending events to trigger functions

// Send events
import { Inngest } from "inngest";
const inngest = new Inngest({ name: "My App" });

// This will run the function above automatically, in the background
inngest.send("app/user.signup", {
  data: { email: "", user_id: "12345" },
  • Events can trigger one or more functions automatically, enabling you to fan-out work.
  • Inngest stores a history of all events for observability, testing, and replay.


  • Fully serverless: Run background jobs, scheduled functions, and build event-driven systems without any servers, state, or setup
  • Works with your framework: Works with Next.js, Redwood, Express, Cloudflare Pages, Nuxt, Fresh (Deno), and Remix
  • Deploy anywhere: Keep deploying to your existing platform: Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare, Deno, Digital Ocean, etc.
  • Use your existing code: Write functions within your current project and repo
  • Fully typed: Event schemas, versioning, and governance out of the box
  • Observable: A full UI for managing and inspecting your functions


Check out to get started.