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Additions to ReDBox for researcher self-submission (ANDS-funded)
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ReDBox Researcher Portal

Additions to the standard ReDBox portal that allows Researcher users to self-submit Collection metadata records. The fields available to Researchers are based on requirements analysis done at UoA and are a subset of the fields available to Library staff users.

Building and Running

This project may be run in stand-alone mode (for testing purposes). Use the usual ReDBox project commands to do this, i.e.

Build the project:

#> mvn -Pbuild-package install

This will create the usual ReDBox directories in $PROJECT_HOME. So you can run the project in the usual way:

#> $PROJECT_HOME/server/ start

This project may also be used as a library that can be used in an institutional build via a maven dependency.

To create a release of the redbox-researcher-portal library (this creates a zip file):

#> mvn release:prepare

The build artefact (library file) should then be hosted by an appropriate maven repository. The artefact file can be found in: $PROJECT_HOME/redbox/target/redbox-researcher-portal-${version}

Using the Researcher Portal

To include the Researcher Portal library in your ReDBox institutional build, add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


You will need to add the unpack-researcher-portal execution to the maven-dependency-plugin:

    <!-- 1st - Unpack Generic ReDBox setup -->

            <!-- Researcher Submission Portal resources -->

User Guide

This user guide has been provided by The University of Adelaide.

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