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We are a remote-only team of engineers that write software for medical devices. Email us if you want to join our talented team of engineers.

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  1. Properly generate a 3D numpy array from a set of DICOM files.

    Python 69 12

  2. The DICOM standard, in JSON format, parsed from the HTML version using Python scripts

    HTML 63 8

  3. rdm Public

    Our regulatory documentation manager. Streamlines 62304, 14971, and 510(k) documentation for software projects.

    Python 59 16

  4. Fast, discrete natural neighbor interpolation in 3D on the CPU.

    C++ 57 12

  5. Example on how to use pre trained networks on new classification problems.

    Python 14 11

  6. pacsman Public

    Picture Archiving and Communication System Manager And Numpifier

    Python 13


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