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A Minimalist Java Parser for ISO8583
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ISO8583 Java Parser

NOTE: Obsoleted by Qzip ATM project

A minimalist Java parser for use of IMPS Mobile Payment implementation.

The code has been designed to run on mobile as well as server side.

NPCI, backbone infrastructure implements the 1987 version of the standard.

The ISO8583 message header contains the message type identifier.

The message type identifier is a four-digit numeric field.

The first position is set to numeric 0 in case of 1987 version. The numeric 2, in second position indicates it’s a financial message. The third position is set to 0 for Request and 1 for Response.

The zero value in the fourth field indicates acquirer.

Thus the message header value of 0200, means that the it is a 1987 version, Financial Request message from an acquirer.

UPI and ISO8583 relationship

The UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is specified by NPCI, see the UPI Specs.

UPI is XML over Https protocol, that is implemented by NPCI as well as other Payment Service Providers.

NPCI implements this API by mapping the payloads into ISO8583 0200/0210, payment request/response, messages and passing it through the existing the NPCI infrastructure.

Version Changes

  • Changed license to UPL

  • Refactored the class paths

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