INNOQ branded Bootstrap 4 theme for internal use.
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INNOQ Bootstrap 4 Theme

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This theme is a complete replacement for Bootstrap 4. You do not need to include both, bootstrap.css and innoq-bootstrap-theme.css. The latter is sufficient.

To use the compiled theme in your webapp, you can either link to our CDN

(replace x.x.x by your desired version) or copy the contents of a certain release to your designated asset folder or use NPM to install this theme as a dependency.

npm install innoq-bootstrap-theme --save

If you like to use this theme in your own Sass code and installed this theme with NPM you can import the source files to your manifest (e.g. index.scss) as well.

@import "innoq-bootstrap-theme/src/styles/index.scss";

Please note: This theme styles all default Bootstrap components compliant to the new INNOQ corporate design. If you need documentation or help with Bootstrap or its components in general, please head over to

Important: If you are currently using Bootstrap 3 you should be aware that version 4 brings some breaking changes. Do not update to the new theme without updating your webapp's views as well. If you need help with that check out this official migration guide.


Contribution is always welcome. Please use pull requests, if you want to incorporate changes or new components. For development purposes of this theme, we use the official Bootstrap documentation pages and apply the styles of this theme to it. Therefore this repository uses a submodule to link the official Bootstrap repository and a build script to generate and serve the documentation pages locally.


  • Install ruby 2.3 or higher

  • Install node v8.9 or higher

  • Clone project git clone

  • Go into the project folder cd innoq-bootstrap-theme

  • Init the Bootstrap submodule git submodule update --init (only needed the very first time)

  • Install Bootstap's documentation pages npm run install-docs

  • Compile styles and serve documentation npm start

Now you should see the Bootstrap documentation pages with INNOQ styling applied. npm start incorporates a watcher, so you can write code and see your changes immediately in the browser.