SKOS-XL extension for iQvoc
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This is the iQvoc SKOS-XL extension. Use this in your Gemfile to add SKOS-XL features to iQvoc.

Iqvoc::SKOSXL may run in two different modes: Standalone as Application and embedded into another Application as Engine.

Standalone Application

Operate Iqvoc::SKOSXL like a common iQvoc-based Application.

  1. Run database migrations: rake iqvoc:db:migrate_all
  2. Populate iQvoc seeds: rake iqvoc:db:seed_all
  3. Generate secret token: rake iqvoc:setup:generate_secret_token


Operate Iqvoc::SKOSXL and Iqvoc as Engines running in a custom App.

  1. Add iqvoc_skosxl to your Gemfile (beneath iqvoc)
  2. Run Iqvoc migrations: rake iqvoc:db:migrate_all
  3. Populate Iqvoc seeds: rake iqvoc:db:seed_all


Copyright 2014 innoQ Deutschland GmbH

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0