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Innovation Lab Booking list

Create Your first booking in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open labRequests.js
  2. Add line according to Your needs
  3. Create Pull request

You can choose from three areas:

  • A-ROUNDTABLE - The round table meeting area with 8 seats, Sharp SmartScreen 60'
  • B-LONGTABLE - The long table workshop area with +12 seats, Sharp SmartScreen 80'
  • C-MEETROOM - The meeting room with VC equip, 10 seats, Sharp screen 70'

Format of booking:

 { title: '<name of event> / Your First S.', 
   start: '2018-12-24T08:30:00',  
   end  : '2018-12-31T16:30:00', 
   resourceId: <see-above-values>

After commit, the pull request is automatically raised. When approved by authorized user, booking is confirmed and displays in calendar within one minute.


Repeating Events

add parameter: id and set the same id values for event


  { id: 999, resourceId: 'A-ROUNDTABLE', title: 'Repeating Event / Stan.', start: '2018-06-09T16:00:00' },
  { id: 999, resourceId: 'A-ROUNDTABLE', title: 'Repeating Event / Stan.', start: '2018-06-16T16:00:00' }

All Day Event

Specify start day only


  { resourceId: 'C-MEETING', title: 'Workshop + VC / Stan.', start: '2018-06-04'}

Multi Day Events

State first and (last day + 1) without time intervals


  { resourceId: 'B-LONGTABLE', title: 'Innovation Days / Stan.', start: '2018-06-04', end: '2018-06-08' }


Parameter adds URL link to the Event


   url: ''