Simple python utilities for use in TM351 activity notebooks
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Some utilities to support notebook activities in TM351

!pip3 install --upgrade git+


from tm351_utils.utils import * from tm351_utils.db import showDatabases, showTables, showColumns, showUsers, showConnections, clearConnections

Functions available:

  • table_def(table,db='tm351test', retval=False, noprint=False): run pg_dump command from Python to obtain CREATE TABLE statement for identified table from specified database. Set retval=True to return the value as a text string that can be used as an input to show_diff(); set noprint=True to suppress printing of the table statement

  • show_diff(string1, string2): display a diff between two strings

  • merged_notebooks_in_dir(dirpath,filenames=None): Merge all notebooks in a directory into a single notebook

  • merged_notebooks_down_path(path, typ='docx', execute=False): Walk a path, creating an output file in each directory that merges all notebooks in the directory

  • showUsers():

  • showConnections(DBNAME):

  • showTables(DBNAME):

  • showColumns(DBNAME, TABLENAME):

  • clearConnections(DBNAME):

  • showConstraints(DBNAME, [TABLENAME(S)]):

See Also

Relavent to TM351 but not installed directly as part of the tm351_utils package: