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The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is a top level Eclipse project

As an Eclipse project, BIRT is built for extensibility. Developers can customize BIRT to support custom controls and behavior through BIRT extension points. The ReportItem allows developers to add new controls to the standard BIRT Palette. These controls can then be easily included to reports using standard drag and drop techniques.

This project consists of two new BIRT controls.

When building reports, it is very easy to overload report users with numbers. The DotBar gives a quick visual representation of numeric values. The control supports wrapping in easily countable values and either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The control supports multiple shapes (dots, triangles, and squares), colors, and fonts to improve user accessibility.
Rotating text within a report is useful when trying to conserve space on the page. The standard BIRT Palette does not support rotated text.

Based on example code from the BIRT repository, the RotatedText control provides a production ready implementation that you can use in your project. This implementation includes support for font, color, line wrapping and hyper-links.

This project will provide production ready controls that give your report developers new items to effectively communicate through their reports. In addition, this project provides best practice implementations that can be used to create your own BIRT ReportItem extensions.

These features have been validated to be compatible with the latest BIRT version 4.12.


  • If you are using BIRT 2.3.2, then use version 2.3.2.X.
  • If you are using BIRT 2.5.1 or later, then use version 2.5.1.X.

Blackboard, Inc. develops solutions for the K-12 school, college campus, workplace, and community that increase the impact of education by transforming the experience of education. Blackboard has chosen BIRT as its reporting and business intelligence tool.

Innovent Solutions, Inc. is a consulting firm and a member of the BIRT project team since 2004. Working with the Blackboard product teams, Innovent has created a reporting solution that is both powerful and flexible.

The software in this project has been donated back to the BIRT community by Blackboard and Innovent under an Eclipse Public License 2.0.

We welcome you to use, critique, and contribute to this component library.

To get started see the Usage Guide


The BIRT Controls Library provides some simple examples of the BIRT ReportItem extension point.






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