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A (small) piece of paper. Build on top of Mak.

The App

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Web version

For detailed documentation and live demos, please visit and
If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, feel free to open a issue.

Join Mak User Group (中文用户群) on Telegram.


Makmini is the menubar version of Mak. But unlike the browser version, Makmini is NOT designed to be focused on for long writings. The goal of it is easy to access.

That said, many features in Mak (like read/split preview mode) are disabled in Makmini.

You can use it just like other stickers app, to-do lists, quick notes, a temporary clipboard with read-it-later URLs. You can put inside anything you don't know where to put.


TouchBar buttons let you navigate between your notes quickly.


Makmini also comes with a Windows version. The dark theme looks gorgeous in Windows 10.


Makmini is built on top of Electron.

Install dependencies

$ yarn

Get started

Run $ yarn dev.

When running in development mode, you can use the Inspector for debugging.

Build Production

Run $ yarn build to generate a build for your environment (darwin/win32/etc.).

License & Acknowledgement


By Shu (, SH 2017