A (small) piece of paper.
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A (small) piece of paper. Build on top of Mak.

The App

Download latest releases

“Maximally Minimal”

The simplicity of plain text, the power of Markdown.

Besides taking notes, you can interact with your document to organize it. Checkboxes and links are clickable, drop files to open, code editor shortcuts... Which all make it so intuitive to use in your way. To-do list, story outlines or linked fragments, it's up to you.

For links start with a hashtag (#), it's just a file in Mak. You can either use Markdown links ([](#notes)) or select "List" in the tray menu to jump to that file.

There're powerful commands, of course. By typing go:, you can quick jump to any files or create a new one. And by typing set:, you can do customizations or run advanced commands, like print / generate PDF and export data.

Most importantly, each advanced feature does not break the experience of any basic functionalities. If you don't need some feature, it doesn't exist.

For more details & usage, please read Mak: a universal notepad..
If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, feel free to open a issue.


Makmini is a menubar App, just as simple as Mak. But unlike the browser version, Makmini is NOT designed to be focused on. The key point is easy to access.

You can use it just like stickers, to-do lists, quick notes, a temporary clipboard with read-it-later URLs, or any mess you don't know where to put.

This is not a focus writing tool. The Mak read/split preview mode are disabled currently.

TouchBar Support (MacBook 2016)

TouchBar is convenient and intuitive, also a part of Mak's philosophy. Makmini works perfectly with it.


There's also a Windows version. The dark theme looks gorgeous in Windows 10.

Share Makmini

Twitter URL


Makmini is built on top of Electron.

Install dependencies

$ yarn

Get started

Run $ yarn dev.

When running in development mode, you can use the Inspector for debugging.

Build Production

Run $ yarn build to generate a build for your environment (darwin/win32/etc.).

License & Acknowledgement


By Shu (g@shud.in), SH 2017 https://shud.in