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Merge pull request #26 from graylikeme/master

Add support for HTTPS protocol
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2 parents 3c38cb1 + e960b2d commit b6e778b23024475f573ba209f04a35272a236ec1 @nailor nailor committed
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4 trombi/
@@ -64,9 +64,9 @@ def from_uri(uri, fetch_args=None, io_loop=None, **kwargs):
if p.params or p.query or p.fragment:
raise ValueError(
'Invalid database address: %s (extra query params)' % uri)
- if p.scheme != 'http':
+ if not p.scheme in ('http', 'https'):
raise ValueError(
- 'Invalid database address: %s (only http:// is supported)' % uri)
+ 'Invalid database address: %s (only http:// and https:// are supported)' % uri)
baseurl = urlunsplit((p.scheme, p.netloc, '', '', ''))
server = Server(baseurl, fetch_args, io_loop=io_loop, **kwargs)

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