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Again the maybe now final pull request for the session api. I have included the documentation for both the user management as well as the session api.



Daniel Truemper added some commits Oct 14, 2011
Daniel Truemper The Session API only works when not in Admin Party
So I added another setup() method that configures the couchdb with an
admin user.
Daniel Truemper Session API support
The session API allows one to login and logout. Subsequent requests can
then be authenticated using cookie authentication and not username and
password. Tests included!
Daniel Truemper Improved tests for request headers cbc54f5
Daniel Truemper Updating the session api test
Now it is using the new user api for adding a new user to couchdb.
Daniel Truemper Removing get for the `_users` DB 5e50f50
Daniel Truemper updating license header ac1185c
Daniel Truemper updating api doc for authorization methods 629398a
Daniel Truemper session api documentation 9fdf4ed
nailor commented Dec 13, 2011


thanks for your pull request and sorry I haven't got time to get to look at it. I'm just posting this to tell you that I've not forgotten you :)

I'll try to look at your pull request this week!

@nailor nailor added a commit that closed this pull request Jan 15, 2012
@nailor nailor Merge branch 'truemped-session-api'
Fixes GH-33
@nailor nailor closed this in 2736ec0 Jan 15, 2012
nailor commented Jan 15, 2012

Finally got time to merge your pull request, thanks for it!

I did some modifications to it: I split the session method to three different methods: login, logout and session to make it clearer.

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