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Sensu Check JMX Jolokia

This is the updated and improved version of inokappa's sensu-plugin-check-jmx-jolokia plugin. This version has been updated to use the new Timeout function introduced in later versions of Sensu. It also allows checking MBeans which return Strings. *This plugin requires Jolokia to be running on the host machine, exposing the JMX beans that you want to monitor.


Put to your sensu plugins directory.

sudo cp check-jmx-jolokia.rb /etc/sensu/plugins/
sudo chmod 755 /etc/sensu/plugins/check-jmx-jolokia.rb


$ ./check-jmx-jolokia.rb -u -m "java.lang:type=Memory" -a "HeapMemoryUsage" -i "used" -k "value" -w 10 -c -100
CheckJmxJolokia CRITICAL: HeapMemoryUsage used value => 31215760


$ curl -s | jq .
  "timestamp": 1421741614,
  "status": 200,
  "request": {
    "mbean": "java.lang:type=Memory",
    "path": "used",
    "attribute": "HeapMemoryUsage",
    "type": "read"
  "value": 31944064