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Digest Auth Request

Make digest-auth ajax requests with javascript. Only depency is CryptoJS MD5.

More info on Digest Auth: Currently only supports "auth" quality-of-protection type.


GET request:

var url = '';
// create digest request object
var getRequest = new digestAuthRequest('GET', url, 'username', 'password');
// make the request
getRequest.request(function(data) { 
  // success callback
  // do something with the data
},function(errorCode) { 
  // error callback
  // tell user request failed

// make additional GET requests here...

POST request:

var postData = {
   address: '123 main st.',
   city: 'Denver',
   state: 'Colorado'

// create new digest request object
// because method (POST vs GET) is different
// otherwise we could re-use the first one
var postReq = new digestAuthRequest('POST', url, 'username', 'password');

postReq.request(function(data) { 
  // success callback
  // data probably a success message
},function(errorCode) { 
  // error callback
  // tell user request failed
}, postData);

Toggle console logging

Out of the box digestAuthRequest.js has logging turned on so you can debug. Set loggingOn to false to disable it.


  1. Make edits to digestAuthRequest.js in the root
  2. In terminal, run yarn build or simply gulp.