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Gutenberg example: Recipe plugin

This plugin accompanies the talk in the Inpsyde developers meeting from July 16th, 2018: "Beyond the Block". The slides and the talk can be found here.

What is this plugin about

Well, do not use it in production, its aim is to demonstrate some ways to interact with the new Block editor of WordPress 5.0. This is done by developing a recipes plugin, which contains some features extending Gutenberg. During the talk, the different features are discussed. They are grouped in branches. Each branch starts off from the previously discussed branch. While during the talk, we discuss only the central parts of the code, a diff between the current branch and its previous branch gives you an insight about the whole code, which was needed for a specific feature.

What branches do exist?

  • master (contains the whole code plus this readme)
  • 0-init (the initial branch)
  • 1-template (we discuss the template system and create a basic block)
  • 2-featured-image (we discuss and data stores)
  • 3-show-ingredients-in-block (we discuss withSelect and data stores)
  • 4-editors-pick (we discuss Slot/Fill and some other higher order components for
  • before-wp-5 (see below)

How to diff?

git diff 2-featured-image..3-show-ingredients-in-block

You can diff two branches like seen above. This command will show you the difference between the 3-show-ingreditens-in-block branch and the 2-featured-image branch. As you can see, the branches are numbered, so you can easily determine, which branch is the previous branch for a specific branch.

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0

This talk was given in July 2018. Since then a lot of features had been moved or deprecated. I have updated the Github repository to keep up with the changes. The master-branch does work with WordPress 5.0. The other branches are still pre WordPress 5.0. If you are interested in what needed to be changed in order to keep up, you can diff the master against the before-wp-5-branch.

To actually run this plugin

This plugin relies on the composer autoloader. So you will need to run composer install, before you can actually activate this plugin.

In addition, the build files are not present in the repository, to give you a cleaner diff. So you will need to run npm install as soon as JavaScript files are needed. To build the files, you will then need to run webpack for each branch, to create the actually used JavaScript files.

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