Nav_Menu_Item - missing "current" class. #243

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Version Information

  • WordPress: 4.7x
  • MultilingualPress: 2.4.8

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new Multsite with at least 2 connected Blogs.
  2. Create a new Nav-Menu in Blog 1 and add all available languages as items
  3. Navigate to frontend of Blog 1

What I Expected

The Nav-Menu-Item of "Blog 1" should have at least 1 "current"-class e.G. current-[language|blog|menu|...]-item

What Happened Instead

No "current"-class is added.



Howto fix

In Mlp_Nav_Menu_Frontend:prepare_item() the method should contain a check for get_current_blog() compared with the $site_id. If TRUE, we should add at least 1 "current" class to the given $item.

if ( get_current_blog() === $site_id ) {
    $item->classes[]  = "mlp-current-language-nav-item";

Link in 2.4 Branch:

Quick mu-plugin to solve this problem directly:

Here's a mu-plugin which will fix this issue by adding a class mlp-current-language-nav-item to the current nav-item:

 * Plugin Name: MLP current nav-item class.
 * Author: Christian Brückner
 * Author URI:

	function () {

			function ( WP_Post $item, Mlp_Translation_Interface $translation ) {

				if ( get_current_blog_id() === $translation->get_target_site_id() ) {
					$item->classes[] = 'mlp-current-language-nav-item';


@Chrico Chrico was assigned by tfrommen Dec 16, 2016
@tfrommen tfrommen added this to the v3.0.0 milestone Dec 16, 2016
Chrico commented Dec 22, 2016

Will this also be included in new release?

@tfrommen tfrommen modified the milestone: v2.5.0, v3.0.0 Dec 23, 2016

Closed with 6ea9abd.

@Chrico I renamed the class to mlp-current-language-item (and not *-nav-item).

@tfrommen tfrommen closed this Dec 23, 2016
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