Language menu-item return site_url instead of home_url #247

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Version Information

  • WordPress: 4.7
  • MultilingualPress: 2.4.8

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a multisite installation with WordPress in subfolder /wp
  2. Define WP_HOME to and WP_SITEURL to in PHP config
  3. Add 2 blogs (main + 1) with a menu with a language menu-item pointing to the translation
  4. On second blog's front page, check the returned site_url for main blog

What I Expected

I am expecting it to return home_url (

What Happened Instead

On main blog, the language menu item return proper front-page site url for other blog translation. But, on second blog, the language menu item returned for front-page of main blog is site_url (

I was able to fix this by changing get_site_url to get_home_url here

Is this the proper behavior? Should the url returned be home_url instead of site_url?


I am using Roots' project structure Bedrock

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Hello, I just noticed that the error reported here happens when main blog is set to a static front-page and the second blog is set to 'latest posts'. After setting both with a static front-page, both front-page returned are OK in the language nav item. So, I don't know if this is worth investigating further as most installation will have the same settings (static vs latest posts) for the front-page. If I can be of further help, I'd be more than happy to report back here.

@tfrommen tfrommen added this to the v2.4.9 milestone Dec 22, 2016

Hi there,

I had scheduled this issue for today already. :)

Even if you're right, the current behavior is not 100% correct, still.
For front-end requests/URLs, we should be using [get_]home_url() (instead of [get_]site_url()). This is not only the case in the location you linked to, but also in other locations.

I will handle this in a feature branch, so we both can test this before I will merge this.


@tfrommen tfrommen added the bug label Dec 22, 2016
@tfrommen tfrommen modified the milestone: v2.5.0, v2.4.9 Dec 23, 2016

Closed with 0c3de80.

@tfrommen tfrommen closed this Dec 23, 2016
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