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PDF versions of the documentation is available under the docs folder, and is split into multiple volumes.

  • 0. Overview.pdf: The overview document listing stakeholders, system modules and documents making up this manual.
  • 1. Frontend - Business Logic.pdf: The business logic documentation shows how a user of the system would navigate through the application. It explains the different types of users and how they interact with the system. The different email types are explained as well.
  • 2. Frontend - System Setup.pdf: The frontend system setup document explains what is necessary to configure your environment correctly to work with the frontend.
  • 3. Frontend - Technical Documentation.pdf: The technical documentation is oriented to future developers or any person with a technical profile that wants to understand the development process taken, which frameworks and tools were used, and what the current status of the development is.
  • 4. Frontend - 3rd Party Software and Services.pdf: The 3rd Party Software and Services lists what external modules has been used to construct the application.
  • 5. Backend - Transaction Fees Structure.pdf: Although Bitcoin Transaction fee represent a small amount of the transaction, from an accounting perspective it’s very important to have a clear understanding by who and how are they taken off.
  • 6. Backend - System Setup.pdf: The backend system setup document explains what is necessary to configure your environment correctly to work with the backend.
  • 7. Backend - Authentication.pdf: The authentication is a key security feature of the process, this document explains in detail how it’s managed for every endpoint, the protocol, the use of tokens and payload signature.
  • 8. Backend - Api Doc.pdf: Here you’ll find a detailed explanation of every endpoint from a technical perspective, the method names, parameters it receives or.
  • SalesApp - Documentation.pdf: This is a mereged version of all the documents listed above.