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Merge #359

359: Update issue templates r=ruhatch a=ruhatch

I would like to try out the following issue template as part of my GitHub Issue Wrangler role in the Ledger Circle.

Co-authored-by: Rupert Horlick <>
Co-authored-by: Rupert Horlick <>
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iohk-bors and ruhatch committed Mar 15, 2019
2 parents a6ee022 + d722181 commit 39d6f87e01006aeec985233d83b0a84f75fdfbe2
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@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
name: Custom issue template
about: Please add some context to your issue and try to make a plan with a Next Action
title: ''
labels: ''
assignees: ''


## Background

## Proposed Solution

<!-- If you are not able to add a proposal, please add the `needs-planning` label -->

<!-- Please add Next Actions in the comments with the following format:
## Next Action
- [ ] Action to complete

<!-- If you could create a PR for the Next Action in 15 mins or less, please give it a go! -->

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