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stack.yaml: Update stylish-haskell

This is actually version from Hackage, but Nix issues
prevent us from using the Hackage version.

Closes: #4165
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erikd committed Jun 13, 2019
1 parent 225db05 commit a9df18991f86c28974d855cf6e2d280d140a2490
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@@ -164,10 +164,11 @@ packages:
- hedgehog
extra-dep: true

# Add custom stylish-haskell while waiting for PR upstream:
# This is upstream version which has been released to Hackage
# but we cannot use that yet because of Nix problems.
- location:
commit: ecfd3b307d8d13a6d12aff03055f25a39a17e182
commit: f253f37362be840bafe2c82a8d7fb284046fda48
extra-dep: true

# Custom Universum prelude, that brings back some of the

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