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Cardano SL 1.1.0 (Mainnet)

Most important code changes which made to release 1.1.0.


  • A new API endpoint is created for providing information on how much time on user’s machine is out of sync with the global time.

  • An API endpoint for creating transactions is improved to support multiple destination addresses (transaction batching).

  • Logs are compressed when sent to the reporting server to reduce bandwidth usage.

  • The Cardano launcher configuration is improved with support for the YAML format to remove the need for custom scripts for launching the Cardano node.

  • A new option for launching the Cardano node allows usage of API endpoints without TLS encryption for easier testing while developing integrations.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed improper node shutdowns, which caused some of the ‘connecting to network’ issues when using Daedalus. Improved Cardano node shutdown behavior by improvements to concurrency and exception handling, providing fixes to rocksdb database bindings.

  • Fixed transaction queuing and resubmission logic to remove some of the issues reported by cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Several minor fixes to the update system for correctly receiving and installing updates from the blockchain to remove some of the reported cases of failed updates.

  • Fixed several space leaks in the operation of the Cardano node, fixing the Cardano node using all memory resources issue.

  • Fixed a bug with block retrieval, causing the extremely slow syncing after blockchain syncing reaches 99%.

  • Fixed a bug with blockchain syncing in case of unreliable internet connection, causing the blockchain syncing to never complete.

  • Fixed a bug causing block syncing to stop working in some cases when the Cardano node is left running for an extended period of time.

  • Improved performance of blockchain syncing by the removal of some unnecessary serialization and deserialization.

  • Fixed a bug causing the Cardano node to fail to start on slow computers, caused by a too-restrictive 5-second timeout.

  • Improved networking policy by allowing more time to connect to the network, resolving connectivity problems for users on slow internet connections.

  • Significant performance improvements for API endpoints for handling wallet operations, where the issues previously caused slow performance for users operating wallets with a large number of addresses, such as cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Logging improved by making logs less verbose when that is not needed and by expanding the logs to cover more cases necessary for better issue diagnostics and easier quality assurance.

  • Improved automated issue reporting for some previously uncovered cases of Cardano node failures.

Other work

  • Migrated from Travis to Buildkite with nix-based workers as a CI solution.

  • Applied few minor fixes were applied to consensus logic.

  • Introduced auxx: tooling suite for developers to be able to quickly test and closely interact with node or network.

  • Introduced technical documentation for various parts of system, technical documentation is located at https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-sl/tree/release/1.1.0/docs.

  • Performed a series of huge refactorings to have better code decomposition, type definitions.

  • Implemented first methods for v1 wallet API (prototype).