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turn off stderr in merge builds in CI

This is an attempt at solving tests hanging in CI for no apparent reason.
What it weird is that, there's no clear sign of failure in CI, it's like
the test runner just stop outputting anything and freeze. This could be because
of too many things are actually logged in stdout, with a format that is 'too
interactive' for travis.
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KtorZ committed Jul 12, 2019
1 parent 3687284 commit 111c8ff14735ea80c0a38316cc050edcff6dfbf5
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@@ -196,10 +196,10 @@ jobs:
- stack --no-terminal test --fast --haddock --no-haddock-deps --coverage bech32
- mkdir -p .coverage/bech32 && find . -name "*.tix" ! -path "*.coverage*" -exec cp \{} .coverage/bech32 \;

- stack --no-terminal test --fast --haddock --no-haddock-deps --coverage cardano-wallet-http-bridge
- stack --no-terminal test --fast --haddock --no-haddock-deps --coverage cardano-wallet-http-bridge 2>/dev/null
- mkdir -p .coverage/http-bridge && find . -name "*.tix" ! -path "*.coverage*" -exec cp \{} .coverage/http-bridge \;

- stack --no-terminal test --fast --haddock --no-haddock-deps --coverage cardano-wallet-jormungandr
- stack --no-terminal test --fast --haddock --no-haddock-deps --coverage cardano-wallet-jormungandr 2>/dev/null
- mkdir -p .coverage/jormungandr && find . -name "*.tix" ! -path "*.coverage*" -exec cp \{} .coverage/jormungandr \;

- tar czf $STACK_WORK_CACHE .stack-work .coverage lib/**/.stack-work lib/**/*.tix

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