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@WilliamKingNoel-Bot WilliamKingNoel-Bot released this Jul 2, 2019


Program Platform Description
A CLI tool to start and interact with a wallet server. See Key Features below.
Auto-completion script for cardano-wallet

This release is a hotfix for v2019-06-24 which had a flaw regarding the wallet restoration: restoration workers wouldn't be restarted with restarts of the wallet server.

Main Features

See v2019-06-24

Bug Fixes

Ticket Title
#484 Restoration workers aren't restarted with the server

Known Issues

Ticket Title
#409 cardano-wallet server fails with an unfriendly error when it does not connect to http-bridge within a few seconds
#423 Starting mainnet server on testnet bridge results in unfriendly error message.

Installation Instruction

See v2019-06-24


See v2019-06-24


Bugs Sprint 25-26
PR Description
#458 Scenarios for 0 amount tx for multi and single output for CLI and API
#486 re-start restoration workers when restarting the application,
Jörmungandr Integration
PR Description
#463 Implement Jörmungandr NetworkLayer postTx
#464 fix Jörmungandr witness calculation
#470 Turn on integration tests for Jörmungandr (Part I: Addresses & Wallets scenarios),
#471 Make faucet with 10 available UTxO for Jörmungandr,
#473 Get initial fee policy from the network (Jörmungandr),
#475 Turn on integration tests for Jörmungandr (Part II: Transactions scenarios),
#480 Move generic CLI functionality into cardano-wallet-cli library.,
#483 Integrate Jörmungandr backend with CLI.,
#487 Stricter jörmungandr binary encoders regarding integer overflow,
PR Description
#492 Sqlite: Use the structured logging approach,
#485 Review logging in API layer,
#449 tests: Add a small test of Sqlite logging
Miscellaneous / Technical Debts
PR Description
#489 Test invalid cli args and params,
#482 Provide ToText and FromText instances for Hash \Genesis\,
#479 Add development flag for cardano-wallet target.,
#478 Add ToText/FromText instances for String.,
#477 Use arbitraryBoundedEnum instead of genericArbitrary where possible.,
#468 Add missing roundtrip ToText/FromText tests for Cardano.Wallet.Primitive data types.,
#459 update 'listWallets' status in API specifications,
#457 Fixed wrong timeout in test expectations + update API specification with latest feature availability,
#456 bump revision for iohk-monitoring-framework,
#455 bump version to 2019.6.24, preparing next release,
#454 Integration Test Scenarios on top of Jörmungandr (Initial Setup),
#453 another attempt trying to cope with 500 when fetching network tip shortly after init (bridge),
#452 Review transaction ids golden tests (only new addresses),
#451 Parameterize Tx data-type over the wallet core engine (allowing to work with different representations),
#450 Replace CLI --min-log-severity argument with --quiet and --verbose switches.

Full Changelog


Name Role Approval
Matthias Benkort @KtorZ Technical Team Lead ✔️
Piotr Stachyra @piotr-iohk QA Engineer ✔️
Tatyana Valkevych @tatyanavych Release Manager ✔️
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