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The Essential Cardano List

We have now launched the beta version of our new Essential Cardano website. Please make your contributions over there and help us build out this new community resource.

Welcome to the Essential Cardano list, a central source for all things Cardano-related. This is a community-sourced catalogue outlining all the organizations, partners, and projects that are part of the Cardano ecosystem, as well as a comprehensive collection of resources to help you learn more about Cardano.

Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement, please be cautious and do your own research.

This list serves as a canonical reference and educational resource to help you navigate our growing ecosystem. Inclusion in the Essential Cardano list does not constitute any kind of ‘official’ endorsement by IOG or any other entity. Projects are added upon community request and as ever, we encourage every community member to do their own research when evaluating projects.

Essential Cardano has been conceived as a curated library of materials, a one stop shop where you can find various resources for Cardano and track activity. Along with links to active projects, this list includes official resources and community-generated materials.

This is an open source repository that is initiated and overseen by myself Niamh Ahern, Ben O'Hanlon, and Tim Harrison, all at IO Global. We encourage you to contribute and help us evolve this list, but please do not reproduce it.

Want to contribute?

We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas on what else we could include in Essential Cardano and how we can grow our list. Please get in touch with us and raise a pull request on this repo with new suggestions and additions to enhance our list. We review these regularly and will provide our feedback on each individual pull request.


Inclusion in the Essential Cardano list does not constitute offical endorsement by IOG.

One list to rule them all...


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