Haskell implementation of the Bitcoin protocol
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Haskoin is an implementation of the Bitcoin protocol in Haskell. There are currently 3 main packages in Haskoin, namely haskoin-core, haskoin-node and haskoin-wallet.


haskoin-core is a package implementing the core functionalities of the Bitcoin protocol specifications. The following features are provided:

  • Hashing functions (sha-256, ripemd-160)
  • Base58 encoding
  • BIP32 extended key derivation and parsing (m/1'/2/3)
  • BIP39 mnemonic keys
  • ECDSA cryptographic primitives (using the C library libsecp256k1)
  • Script parsing and evaluation
  • Building and signing of standard transactions (regular, multisig, p2sh)
  • Parsing and manipulation of all Bitcoin protocol types
  • Bloom filters and partial merkle tree library (used in SPV wallets)
  • Comprehensive test suite

A wallet implementation is available in haskoin-wallet which uses both this package and the node implementation in haskoin-node.

haskoin-core hackage documentation


haskoin-node is essentially an SPV (simple payment verification) server node. It implements the Bitcoin network protocol in Haskell and allows the synchronization of headers and the download of merkle blocks. haskoin-node is not a full node (yet) as it only support SPV verification of headers rather than full block validation. The following features are supported:

  • Implementation of the Bitcoin network protocol
  • Headertree implementation with SPV verification
  • Headers-first synchronization
  • Merkle block download from peers with bloom filters
  • Full block download from peers (without verification)

haskoin-node hackage documentation


haskoin-wallet is an SPV (simple payment verification) wallet implementation in Haskell. It features BIP32 hierarchical-deterministic key management, deterministic signatures (RFC-6979) and first order support for multi-signature transactions. You can communicate with the wallet process using JSON serialization over ØMQ socket or the supplied hw tool.

haskoin-wallet hackage documentation

Installing haskoin-wallet

Get autoconf, pkg-config, ncurses, libtool and ØMQ.

On Debian/Ubuntu systems, use this command:

sudo apt-get install -y \
    git autoconf pkg-config libncurses5-dev libtool \

Get Stack.

Clone this repository, and then install using Stack.

git clone https://github.com/haskoin/haskoin.git
cd haskoin
stack install

Executable hw will be installed in ~/.local/bin.


Contribute via GitHub pull requests.