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Full Node

Just because you call something a blockchain, that doesn't mean you aren't subject to normal engineering laws.

User guide documentation available here

Master current build status

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How to install from sources

Currently the minimum supported version of the rust compiler is 1.35, however we recommend to use the most recent stable version of the rust compiler.

  1. Install rustup
  2. Run rustup install stable
  3. Run rustup default stable
  4. Clone this repository: git clone --recurse-submodules
  5. Enter the repository directory: cd jormungandr
  6. install jormungandr: cargo install --path jormungandr
  7. install jcli: cargo install --path jcli


  • On Windows, you'll need to add the %USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin into the environment variable PATH.
  • On Linux and macOS: add ${HOME}/.cargo/bin into your PATH.
  • Make sure the C compiler toolchain is installed and, on Unix (e.g. macOS), the compiler and linker executable cc is found in PATH.
  • On Linux with systemd: to enable logging to journald replace step 6 with cargo install --path . --features systemd.
  • The build requires the Protocol Buffers compiler:
    • On Linux environments without glibc such as Alpine, the protobuf compiler protoc needs to be installed and found in PATH or otherwise specified in the environment variable PROTOC.
    • NixOS users should rely on shell.nix provided in this source tree to pull the dependencies and set up the environment for the build.
    • For distribution or container builds in general, it's a good practice to install protoc from the official distribution package if available, otherwise the version bundled with crate prost-build will be used.

This will install 2 tools:

  • jormungandr: the node part of the blockchain;
  • jcli: a command line helper tool to help you use and setup the node;

How to install from binaries

Our binaries releases are available here for many operating systems and architecture, but in due time, jormungandr will be available through package managers.

How To Use

A functional node needs 2 configurations:

  1. Its own system configuration: Where to store data, network configuration, logging.
  2. The blockchain genesis configuration which contains the initial trusted setup of the blockchain: coin configuration, consensus settings, initial state.

In normal use, the blockchain genesis configuration is given to you or automatically fetched from the network.

More documentation on the node configuration can be found here, and for the blockchain genesis configuration here

Quick-Start for private mode

Follow instructions on installation, then to start a private and minimal test setup:

  1. In terminal, create an empty directory somewhere and enter this directory
  2. PATH/TO/SOURCE/REPOSITORY/scripts/bootstrap <options>
  3. execute the instruction to start printed at the end

For a BFT setup, use the following recommended options:

bootstrap -b

For a Genesis-praos setup, use the following recommended options:

bootstrap -g -s 2

For help on the options:

bootstrap -h

The bootstrap script creates a simple setup with a faucet with 10 millions coins, a BFT leader, and a stake pool.

The bootstrap script also create 2 shell scripts parametrized to this specific run of bootstrap:

  • faucet-send-money
  • faucet-send-certificate

Both scripts can be used to do simple limited operation through the jcli debugging tools.

Quick-Start in public mode

⚠️ This is not currently functional ⚠️

To start a new node from scratch on a given blockchain, you need to know the block0 hash of this blockchain for trust purpose and internet peers to connect to. The simplest way to start such a node is:

jormungandr --block0-hash <HASH> --trusted-peers <IPs>


Documentation is available in the markdown format here


This project is licensed under either of the following licenses:

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