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Sep 23, 2019

Full Node

Just because you call something a blockchain, that doesn't mean you aren't subject to normal engineering laws.

User guide documentation available here

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Install from Binaries

Use the Latest Binaries, available for many operating systems and architectures.

Install from Source



Get the Rust Compiler (latest stable version is recommended, minimum required: 1.39+).

rustup install stable
rustup default stable
rustc --version # if this fails, try a new command window, or add the path (see below)


  • For detecting build dependencies:
    • Homebrew on macOS.
    • vcpkg on Windows.
    • pkg-config on other Unix-like systems.
  • C compiler (see cc-rs for more details):
    • Must be available as cc on Unix and MinGW.
    • Or as cl.exe on Windows.


  • Win: Add %USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin to the environment variable PATH.
  • Lin/Mac: Add ${HOME}/.cargo/bin to your PATH.


  • The Protocol Buffers version bundled with crate prost-build will be used.
  • For distribution or container builds in general, it's a good practice to install protoc from the official distribution package if available.


Check <latest release tag> on

git clone
cd jormungandr
git checkout tags/<latest release tag> #replace this with something like v1.2.3
cargo install --locked --path jormungandr # --features systemd # (on linux with systemd)
cargo install --locked --path jcli

This will install 2 tools:

  • jormungandr: the node part of the blockchain;
  • jcli: a command line helper tool to help you use and setup the node;

Configuration Basics

A functional node needs 2 configurations:

  1. Its own node configuration: Where to store data, network configuration, logging.
  2. The blockchain genesis configuration, which contains the initial trusted setup of the blockchain: coin configuration, consensus settings, initial state.

In normal use, the blockchain genesis configuration is given to you or automatically fetched from the network.

Quick-Start - Public Mode

To start a new node from scratch on a given blockchain, you need to know the block0 hash of this blockchain for trust purpose and internet peers to connect to. The simplest way to start such a node is:

jormungandr --block0-hash <HASH> --trusted-peers <IPs>

Quick-Start - Cardano Shelly Testnet

Quick-Start - Private Mode

Follow instructions on installation, then to start a private and minimal test setup:

mkdir mynode
cd mynode
python3 PATH/TO/SOURCE/REPOSITORY/scripts/ <options>

Use the following recommended bootstrap options:

bootstrap --bft # BFT setup
bootstrap --genesis-praos --slot-duration 2 # Genesis-praos setup
bootstrap --help # further help

The bootstrap script creates a simple setup with a faucet with 10 millions coins, a BFT leader, and a stake pool.

Both scripts can be used to do simple limited operation through the jcli debugging tools.


Documentation is available in the markdown format here


This project is licensed under either of the following licenses: