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As per #1063 we are no longer using certificate sign for registering a staking pool.
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@@ -55,13 +55,6 @@ $ jcli certificate new stake-pool-registration \
--serial 1010101010 > stake_pool.cert

Now you need to sign this certificate with the owner key:

$ cat stake_pool.cert | jcli certificate sign stake_key.prv | tee stake_pool.cert

And now you can retrieve your stake pool id (`NodeId`):

@@ -70,3 +63,27 @@ ea830e5d9647af89a5e9a4d4089e6e855891a533316adf4a42b7bf1372389b74


## submitting to a node

The `jcli transaction add-certificate` command should be used to add a certificate **before finalizing** the transaction.

For example:

jcli transaction add-certificate $(cat stake_delegation.cert) --staging tx
jcli transaction finalize CHANGE_ADDRESS --fee-constant 5 --fee-coefficient 2 --fee-certificate 2 --staging tx
jcli transaction auth -k stake_key.prv --staging tx

The `--fee-certificate` flag indicates the cost of adding a certificate, used for computing the fees, it can be omitted if it is zero.

See [here](../jcli/ for more documentation on transaction creation.

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