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Full Node

Updated Jun 4, 2019

working PoS node exchanging with other nodes (transactions, blocks) with full validation and state tracking


Updated May 31, 2019

Peer to peer network


Updated Jun 17, 2019

Sub-project covering testing related work in jormungandr

This can include: Test plans , CI , Frameworks and Benchmarking


Updated Jun 4, 2019

Genesis and BFT Consensus

Client Synchronous Query

Updated Jun 4, 2019

Handle the synchronous query from the network query:

  • get headers;
  • get blocks;
  • stream;

Transaction Management

Updated Mar 19, 2019

Regarding the transaction task. Managing the tpool

Network Node Communication

Updated Jun 4, 2019

Implement the different inter nodes communication components necessary for a MVP:

  • block headers exchanges;
  • block exchanges;
  • transaction exchanges;
  • subscribe mechanism

Task Management

Updated Oct 27, 2018

The different components of the node are splits into different block called tasks. We need to implement different tooling around it in order to support: restart, awaiting, clean stop.

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