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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 11, 2019

new features

  • GraphQL/Explorer mode exposes new objects like treasury balance and settings #1242 #1247
  • jcli debug block to see the content of a block (or the leet feature) #1337
  • new incentive parameters to encourage stake pool creation: #1338
    # set some reward constraints and limits
    # this value is optional, the default is no constraints at all
      # limit the epoch total reward drawing limit to a portion of the total
      # active stake of the system.
      # for example, if set to 10%, the reward drawn will be bounded by the
      # 10% of the total active stake.
      # this value is optional, the default is no reward drawing limit
      reward_drawing_limit_max: "10/100"
      # settings to incentivize the numbers of stake pool to be registered
      # on the blockchain.
      # These settings does not prevent more stake pool to be added. For example
      # if there is already 1000 stake pools, someone can still register a new
      # stake pool and affect the rewards of everyone else too.
      # if the threshold is reached, the pool doesn't really have incentive to
      # create more blocks than 1 / set-value-of-pools % of stake.
      # this value is optional, the default is no pool participation capping
        min: 300
        max: 1000

Fixed bugs

  • rest node stats now include all the fragments (transactions and certificates) in the total block sum #1301 #1343
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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 10, 2019

bug fixes

  • fix network issues when node stopped accepting new blocks and kept blocking on candidates #1329
  • fix invalid CSV format of the reward dump for debug/audit #1321 #1318
  • fix openapi file #1316 #1324

new features

REST API has been updated with new features:

  • network/stats now display the IP address of the associated node #1261
  • network/p2p/* to get details of the current poldercast and quarantine statuses #1332

house keeping

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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 9, 2019

Implemented enhancements:

  • Update get settings output (maxTxsPerBlock, block_content_max_size) - 0..8.0-RC9 #1298
  • REST: update /api/v0/settings #1248
  • dump the data in csv so easier to process on the long run #1311
  • write reward_info to a file at rewards creation AND fees_go_to settings in the genesis yaml file #1307
  • Rest: settings/stats - update and cleanup #1299
  • Add reward and treasury settings to settings REST #1291

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix build on FreeBSD #1302
  • prevent invalid addr to be set in the poldercast entry #1309
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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 6, 2019

⚠️ Breaking changes: ⚠️

  • remove useless block0 parameter: BFT Slots Ratio #1293
  • BlockContent Size: finally set the right value for number of fragments #1288

I.e., in the genesis file it is now required to set:

  # set the maximum block content size (in bytes)
  block_content_max_size: 1024000

and the following value is no longer possible to set:

   # ...
- max_number_of_transactions_per_block: {default_max_number_of_transactions_per_block}

-  # Genesis praos parameter D
-  #
-  # default value: {default_bft_slots_ratio}
-  bft_slots_ratio: {default_bft_slots_ratio}

Implemented enhancements:

  • Add proper depth #1295
  • spawn blockchain process to allow for more concurrent action to happen #1290

Fixed bugs:

  • jormungandr v0.8.0-rc7 got stuck on synchronisation #1284
  • jormungandr 0.8.0-rc5-cecea4d got stuck on synchronisation #1273
  • Spamming the test net appears to break it or at least cause multiple node stalls long after the spamming stops #1235
  • 0.7.5 (or nightly testnet) - generated blocks are not added to the blockchain #1221
  • 0.7.4 - Blocks not getting added to chain #1220
  • 0.7.1 Frequent Warning - WARN blockchain is not moving up.... #1183
  • prevent panic if the given chain advance is removed from concurrent processing #1296
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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 4, 2019

Implemented enhancements:

  • Don't thrash slow connections in propagation #1277

Fixed bugs:

Because these are another fix in the reward tooling, it is a breaking change with 0.8.0-rc6.

  • No rewards received - 0.8.0-RC6 - local cluster 2 nodes #1275
  • 0.8 rc6 - delegator accounts (standalone) still not getting paid rewards #1274
  • update chain-deps and include a fix in the delegators reward distribution #1276
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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 3, 2019

⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️

  • change how to set the reward account in the jcli command line parameter #1259
  • because the reward distribution has been updated, it requires a restart of the blockchain too.

Implemented enhancements:

  • detect node's environment/system settings at boot or on demand #1215
  • return stake-pools public VRF key #1163
  • fix reward distribution and expose the rewards in the REST API #1269
  • Add version to REST node stats #1265
  • Resolve the ancestor once for chain streaming #1258
  • Don't panic on network task error #1255
  • Expose resource usage limits on UNIX systems #1222

Fixed bugs:

  • 0.8 rc4 - standalone delegators not getting paid rewards after pool owners/operators got their tax cut #1250
  • fix rlimit builds on different libc impls #1267
  • Yield the task after retrieving each block to send #1264
  • don't fail on error in the client task #1249

Merged pull requests:

  • Rest node stats REST cert fees #1266
  • add documentation regarding the stake pool Tax #1257
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@NicolasDP NicolasDP released this Dec 2, 2019

Fixed bugs:

  • 0.8 rc3 - rewards still not working due to or subsequent panic #1242
  • update chain-deps and fix reward distribution panic #1246
  • properly report error and failures of the terminating service #1243

⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️ :

  • update chain-deps and changed the UTxO signature #1246
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