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This package provides a Meteor wrapper for the LINE API methods, including the Login and the Get User Information APIs. Both APIs use OAuth login methodology.


This feature provides integration with the OAuth LINE Login method. Amongst its main dependencies, you can find accounts, service-configuration and oauth Meteor packages.

Getting Started

Before we can use the login feature, please make sure you've successfully created a Login Channel in LINE. If you haven't yet created the channel, please address to the official LINE documentation, and once you've created the channel come back to this point to start setting up the plugin.

First we must configure the service with our keys, by adding them to this snippet inside accounts.js file.

  { "service": "line" },
    $set: {
      "clientId": <your_client_id>,
      "secret": <your_client_secret>,
  { upsert: true }


Also, take into account that the default redirect uri of this package is <YOUR_DOMAIN>/_oauth/line so don't forget to add that url to the allowed Callback Urls in the Technical Configuration section for the Line Channel Config.


The next step is to integrate the loginWithLine feature inside the LINE button (Don't forget to follow these guidelines to implement the LINE Login Button).

Meteor.loginWithLine(function (err, res) {
  console.log('login callback', err, res);
  if (err) {
    console.log('login failed ' + err);
  console.log('sucess ' + res);

Get User Information API

This package also provides some methods to get the LINE User profile information without logging that user into your app. To do so, we provide the getLoginUrl method, which will receive the redirectUri and the state as params, and it will return the loginUrl.

const url = Line.getLoginUrl(redirectUri, stateParam)

The last and most important method that this package provides to get the user information, is "getLineUserData", which will receive the authentication code as a param, and will return an object with the necessary data to append to the user in the users collection.


will return

  return { 
    accessToken: accessToken,
    expiresAt: expiresAt,
    refreshToken: refreshToken,
    userId: userId

We suggest to execute this method server side, since it fetches the data through REST APIs. If done from the client, you'll face CORS issues.

A good flow in which this function should fit is as following:

1- Create a route which will be the redirectUri mentioned earlier. 2- Create a Meteor.method that executes Line.getLineUserData method. 3- When route defined in step 1 is accessed, trigger the meteor method defined in step 2 through a