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Mantis - Scala Client for Ethereum Classic, The Daedalus Release

In this release Mantis the new Ethereum Classic client produced by the Grothendieck Team has been integrated with the Daedalus wallet. This integration puts the Daedalus wallet management software into the hands of Ethereum Classic users, giving them a safe way to create, manage and backup their wallets.

This version has been tested on recent versions of Windows and macOS

The Daedalus bundle contains a JVM, so no pre installed jvm is required. This makes it easier to install than the command line version.

Status - Release 1.0

Continuous Integration Build Status CircleCI

Unit Test Code Coverage Status Coverage Status

This version of the code supports

  • CPU mining
  • peer discovery
  • fast sync (download a recent state trie snapshot and all blocks, this is the default behaviour)
  • bootstrap sync (download a database for mantis preloaded with a recent version of the block chain, highly recommended)
  • regular sync (download and execute every transaction in every block in the chain, this can be very slow - not recommended)
  • JSON RPC API (useful for console and Mist integration)
  • Morden testnet and private network
  • ethminer miner integration (allows mantis to mine blocks with ethminer)

Installers for Windows and macOS

To make the installation process as accessible as possible, we have created fully automated installers for windows and macOS.

  • the installer will install Daedalus wallet, install the Mantis client, set up an SSL connection between the two.
  • it will then download a bootstrap database in order to synchronise the Ethereum Classic blockchain.
  • it will check the finger print of the downloaded database in order to prevent MITM attacks.
  • then it will start up both the wallet and the mantis node and begin syncing.
  • until the node is synced no transactions can be made.
  • when Daedalus is closed down it will also stop the mantis node.
  • uninstall using the OS 'Add/Remove' feature

Note that the download and extract process could take up to 60 minutes depending on available network and disk resources!

For more details on configuration and functionality check out our wiki (also at wiki)

Download the client and bootstrap files

The latest release can be downloaded from here

The bootstrap database files can be downloaded from here

Command line version

To access the command line version of this release go to daedalus-cli

Building the client

Prerequisites to build

Build the client

As an alternative to downloading the client build the client from source.

First of all sbt-verify is used in order to check the validity of the downloaded libraries checksums.

sbt-verify can be downloaded from our read only repository by typing

git clone https://github.com/input-output-hk/sbt-verify

Then in order to make sbt-verify available to our build type

cd sbt-verify
sbt publishLocal

This installs the sbt-verify library to your local repository.

After installing the sbt-verify library to your local repository checkout this repository from github and then type

sbt dist

in the root of the project.

This creates a distribution zip.


Feedback gratefully received through the Ethereum Classic Forum (http://forum.ethereumclassic.org/)

Known Issues

There is a list of known issues in the 'RELEASE' file located in the root of the installation.