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This repository contains Marlowe, a domain-specific language (DSL) for describing financial smart contracts that can be enforced by scripts deployed on a blockchain, as well as some tools for analysing and simulating the execution of contracts written in the DSL.

Learning about Marlowe and Marlowe Playground

The Marlowe tutorials introduce Marlowe and the Marlowe Playground.

Versions of Marlowe

The master branch contains the latest version of Marlowe, version 3.0.

An earlier version of Marlowe is described in a paper that was presented at ISoLA 2018. This versin is tagged v1.3 and a minor update on this is taggedn v1.3.1. Versions 1.x, and 2.0 can also be found in the master branch under semantics-1.0, and semantics-2.0, respectively.

Build on MacOS

Requirements: Homebrew, Haskell Stack 1.6 or later.

Install Haskell Stack if you haven't already

$ brew install haskell-stack

$ brew install glpk
$ stack setup
$ stack build

Build Isabelle proofs

Requirements: Isabelle CLI

$ cd isabelle
$ isabelle build -d. Test


Prototype implementation of domain-specific language for the design of smart-contracts over cryptocurrencies




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