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The earlier description of the [semantics](./ concentrated on the high-level steps taken, and did not cover the constituent types in much detail. These are all defined in [`Semantics.hs`](

## States and Inputs
## State

The `State` of a Marlowe contract keeps track of the `choices` made by users, the last value provided by each of the `oracles`, and the `IdAction`s already issued (`usedIds`).

data State = State { commits :: CommitInfo
, choices :: M.Map IdChoice Choice
, oracles :: M.Map IdOracle (BlockNumber, Integer)
, usedIds :: S.Set IdAction}

In addition to these, the `State` keeps important information related to `commits`:
* Who committed the money for each commit? When does each commit expire? How much money is left in each commit? (`currentCommitsById`)
* Has a commit expired? (`expiredCommitIds`)
* Which commits expire when? (`timeoutData`)
* And it also keeps track of how much money is owed to each participant derived from commits that have expired already (`redeemedPerPerson`).

type TimeoutData = M.Map Timeout (S.Set IdCommit)
data CommitInfo = CommitInfo { redeemedPerPerson :: M.Map Person Integer
, currentCommitsById :: M.Map IdCommit (Person, Integer, Timeout)
, expiredCommitIds :: S.Set IdCommit
, timeoutData :: TimeoutData }

## Inputs

For the contract to progress, it needs to be presented with inputs, as represented by the AnyInput type, which has four types grouped in two supertypes:

data AnyInput = Action IdAction
| Input Input
deriving (Eq,Ord,Show,Read)

### Actions

For any action, we only need to specify the `IdAction`, since the rest of information should already be in the contract. But they can be two types: `Commit` and `Pay`.

### Normal inputs

The rest of inputs can be of two types: `Choice` and `Oracle`.

data Input = IChoice IdChoice Choice
| IOracle IdOracle BlockNumber Integer

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