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# Documentation
# Learning about Marlowe and Meadow

This folder contains documentation for Marlowe, including tutorials for versions 1.3 and 2.0.
Marlowe is a domain-specific language (DSL) for writing financial contracts that run on blockchain.

## Marlowe tutorials
This document describes the different materials available for learning about Marlowe and the online tool that accompanies it: Meadow. It also advises you where to begin, depending on what you want to learn, and where you are starting from.

There are tutorials for two versions of Marlowe:
Marlowe is realised as DSL embedded in Haskell, but it is possible to use Marlowe without being a Haskell expert. Marlowe is a live project, and the materials here describe two versions of Marlowe: the earlier [version 1.3](, and the [current version](, 2.0.

Meadow is also available in two versions:

* The [original Meadow tool]( supports v1.3, including contract development using Blockly, a visual programming environment. It also supports the development of “embedded” contracts using aspects of Haskell, but because this runs a Haskell environment in the browser, it has a substantial latency.

* The latest version, [Meadow in the cloud](, supports development of embedded contracts is a much more efficient way, as well as presenting a substantially cleaner interface, but doesn't currently support visual program development.

## Where should I start?

_I want to learn the ideas behind Marlowe, but not to write Marlowe contracts myself._

* The first parts of the tutorial, [link](./tutorial-v1.3/, and the Udemy course, [link](, will give you this introduction.

_I want to learn how to write simple Marlowe contracts, and to run them in the Meadow tool_

* The Udemy course, [link](, and tutorial, [link](./tutorial-v1.3/, will give you an introduction to building contracts using Blockly.
* If you are not a Haskell programmer, then you can skip the tutorial sections on “Understanding the semantics” and “Using Marlowe”.

_I have learned about Marlowe 1.3, and written contracts there, but I want to convert to v2.0 use Meadow in the cloud._

* You can find out about the differences in v1.3 and v2.0 [here](./tutorial-v1.3/, and this checklist, [link](./tutorial-v1.3/, will help you to convert contracts from v1.3 to v2.0.

_I am a Haskell programmer, and I want to get started developing Marlowe contracts embedded in Haskell and to run them in Haskell and Meadow._

* To do this, follow the tutorial on the current version of Marlowe, [link](./tutorial-v2.0/, and develop your programs in Meadow in the cloud, [link](

## Materials available

* Tutorial for version 1.3 of Marlowe and the first version of the Meadow tool. [Link](./tutorial-v1.3/
* Tutorial for version 2.0 of Marlowe and Meadow in the cloud. [Link](./tutorial-v2.0/
* An overview of the differences between v1.3 and v2.0. [Link](./tutorial-v1.3/
* Udemy course on Marlowe (v1.3) and Meadow. [Link](
* Paper on Marlowe, describing v1.3 and the orginal Meadow. [Link](
* Video run-through of the original Meadow. [Link](

* [Tutorial for version 1.3 of Marlowe and the first version of the Meadow tool.](./tutorial-v1.3/
* [Tutorial for version 2.0 of Marlowe and Meadow in the cloud.](./tutorial-v2.0/
* [An overview of the differences between v1.3 and v2.0](./tutorial-v1.3/

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