NixOps, the NixOS-based cloud deployment tool
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doc/manual manual: Add section on how to deploy to a machine already running Nix… Apr 12, 2017
examples DigtalOcean backend: IPv6 support. (NixOS#633) Mar 29, 2017
maintainers Undo previous commit Jan 4, 2017
nix Add 17.03 image for GCE. May 2, 2017
nixops Always print the stacktrace if unforeseen exception in deploy (NixOS#638 Apr 28, 2017
scripts Add --keep-days to clean-backups command. Fixes NixOS#216. Dec 13, 2016
tests tests/hetzner: Fix up coordinator dependencies Jan 2, 2017
.gitignore Add vim .swp files and tags to .gitignore Jun 26, 2016
COPYING README: add hacking and fix installation link Apr 25, 2017 Explicitly set python2 version Oct 19, 2016
dev-shell Choose system in dev-shell dynamically Jul 18, 2016
release.nix Update version Mar 3, 2017 Use local nixos-infect script. Dec 8, 2016 tests: Just skip tests if EC2 env vars are unset. Jul 26, 2013