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Plutus Platform for Cardano

This repository contains the various components and some documentation for the Plutus Platform, providing smart contract functionality for the Cardano blockchain.


default.nix defines a package set containing all the packages in this repository. These can be built directly. For example:

nix build -f default.nix language-plutus-core


An appropriate environment for developing a package can be entered using the env attribute of the package. For example:

nix-shell default.nix -A language-plutus-core.env

Updating the generated Haskell package set

pkgs/default.nix contains a generated package set with all the dependencies for this projet.

You should regenerate this if you change any dependencies in cabal files. To do this, use the environment defined in shell.nix, and run pkgs/


The CI will build the projects, and also the tests in default.nix.

If you add a dependency to a .cabal file, you will need to run ./pkgs/ and commit the changes.


Docs are built by hydra. The latest docs for plutus core master branch can be found at