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@@ -161,6 +161,65 @@ The message, w.r.t the cryptographic signature, is generally of the form:

Where HEADER, INPUTS and OUTPUTS comes from the Token Transfer type, and EXTRA is the optional data serialized between the token transfer type, and the witnesses.

## Type 0: Initial blockchain configuration

This message type may only appear in the genesis block (block 0) and
specifies various configuration parameters of the blockchain. Some of
these are immutable, while other may be changed via the update
mechanism (see below). The format of this message is:


where `ConfigParams` consists of a 16-bit field denoting the number of
parameters, followed by those parameters:

Length | ConfigParam*{Length}

`ConfigParam` has the format:

TagLen Payload

where `TagLen` is a 16-bit bitfield that has the size of the payload
(i.e. the value of the parameter) in bytes in the 6 least-significant
bits, and the type of the parameter in the 12 most-significant
bits. Note that this means that the payload cannot be longer than 63

The following parameter types exist:

| tag | name | value type | description |
| 1 | block0-date | u64 | the official start time of the blockchain, in seconds since the Unix epoch |
| 2 | discrimination | u8 | address discrimination; 1 for production, 2 for testing |
| 3 | consensus| u16 | consensus version; 1 for BFT, 2 for Genesis Praos |
| 4 | slots-per-epoch | u32 | number of slots in an epoch |
| 5 | slot-duration | u8 | slot duration in seconds |
| 6 | epoch-stability-depth | u32 | the length of the suffix of the chain (in blocks) considered unstable |
| 8 | genesis-praos-param-f | Milli | determines maximum probability of a stakeholder being elected as leader in a slot |
| 9 | max-number-of-transactions-per-block | u32 | maximum number of transactions in a block |
| 10 | bft-slots-ratio | Milli | fraction of blocks to be created by BFT leaders |
| 11 | add-bft-leader | LeaderId | add a BFT leader |
| 12 | remove-bft-leader | LeaderId | remove a BFT leader |
| 13 | allow-account-creation | bool (u8) | 0 to enable account creation, 1 to disable |
| 14 | linear-fee | LinearFee | coefficients for fee calculations |
| 15 | proposal-expiration | u32 | number of epochs until an update proposal expires |

`Milli` is a 64-bit entity that encoded a non-negative, fixed-point
number with a scaling factor of 1000. That is, the number 1.234 is
represented as the 64-bit unsigned integer 1234.

`LinearFee` has the format:

Constant | Coefficient | Certificate

all of them 64-bit unsigned integers, specifying how fees are computed
using the formula:

Constant + Coefficient * (inputs + outputs) + Certificate * certificates

where `inputs`, `outputs` and `certificates` represent the size of the
serialization of the corresponding parts of a transaction in bytes.

## Type 2: Transaction

Transaction is the composition of the TokenTransfer structure followed directly by the witnesses. EXTRA needs to be empty. Effectively:
@@ -201,35 +260,11 @@ where `ProposerId` is a ed25519 extended public key, and `Signature`
is a signature by the corresponding private key over the string
`Proposal | ProposerId`.

`Proposal` is a list of setting types and values, terminated by the
16-bit integer 0xffff:

(SettingTag | SettingValue)* 0xffff

`SettingTag` is a 16-bit unsigned integer specifying the type of
setting, and `SettingValue` is a variable-length encoding of the
proposed value of the setting. The following setting types are
defined, with their corresponding values:

* 1: maximum number of transactions per block: 32-bit unsigned integer
* 2: 'd' parameter, i.e. percentage of slots that must be signed by
BFT leaders: 8-bit integer in the range 0-100
* 3: consensus version: 16-bit unsigned integer
* 4: BFT leaders: 8-bit unsigned integer count of BFT leaders `N`,
followed by `N` ed25519 public keys
* 5: whether account creation is allowed: a byte `0` for no, or `1`
for yes
* 6: transaction linear fee: 64-bit summand, 64-bit multiplier, and a
certificate (TODO)
* 7: slot duration: 8-bit unsigned integer
* 8: epoch stability depth: 32-bit unsigned integer

Settings must appear in monotonically increasing order of their tags,
that is, if tag N < M, then setting N must appear before M, and
settings cannot be repeated.

TODO: should `SettingValue` contain a length so we can at least parse
proposals containing unknown settings?
`Proposal` has the following format:


where `ConfigParams` is defined above.

## Type 5: Update votes

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