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Support Triage for Shelley Testnet
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Welcome to the dedicated community support GitHub repo for the Cardano Shelley testnet program. This is the place to log any issues or bugs that you encounter as you set up and test the self node and stake pools. Please ensure that you are logged into GitHub before you log an issue, so that we can interact with you.

We will assess all incoming issues in this central location and escalate them appropriately to our development teams for prompt resolution. We plan to provide support on weekdays and we work in different time zones, but 24hr support is not available.

Regular communication is planned and we will be providing copies of our weekly development reports here so that you are kept up to date on what is being delivered and what is planned for the testnet phases.

We encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions in this central location so that we can create a library of resolutions and support for the tasks that you need to perform.

In the mean time you can check:

Video tutorials to install the self node

How to install

How-to guides

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