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All the information in this wiki has been superseded by the Support Portal you can find it here:


Welcome to the Shelley testnet wiki!

In this space, we will publish documentation about the most recent developments.

Weekly Updates in the Cardano Forum

Release Notes

New Documentation for the Networking Node

This section provides information on how to set up the networking node. Please note that we will be providing more content for the networking node soon.

How to setup a Jormungandr Networking Node

The networked testnet phase allows IOHK – and more importantly, the community – to test the behavior of an Ouroboros-based decentralized network before making changes to mainnet. More details here.

Javascript SDK: How to install the example faucet app

With jormungandr 0.3.3 we are also launching a new library for javascript developers to be able to connect to the rust node. You can find the code here and the tutorial here.

Self-node Testnet

The self-node testnet was the previous phase of the Shelley testnet. It has been superseded by the Networking phase. However for historical reasons you can still review the documentation here.

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