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##Modules available
+Note: Only lists modules which have a Drupal 7 release and one or more installs.
[Code Filter](
Uses PHP's [highlight_string()]( function.
+Installs: 6062
[GeSHi Filter](
Uses the [GeSHi (Generic Syntax Highlighter)]( PHP library.
+Installs: 2743
+[Syntax highlighter](
+Uses the [SyntaxHighlighter]( JavaScript library.
+Installs: 1351
[Google Code Prettify](
Uses the [Google Code Prettify]( JavaScript library.
+Installs: 68
-[Syntax highlighter](
-Uses the [SyntaxHighlighter]( JavaScript library.
+[Chili highlighter](
+Uses the [Chili]( JavaScript plugin.
+Installs: 15
+Uses the [Pygments]( Python library.
+Installs: 3

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