@GreyCat GreyCat released this Oct 17, 2013 · 29 commits to master since this release

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  • New features:
    • Dedicated hotspare support ("hotspare add", "hotspare delete" methods)
    • Getting physical disc SMART attributes in unified form ("physical smart")
    • Adapter restart method to reset an adapter, stop all arrays and reinitialize them ("adapter restart")
    • Listing logical discs now also shows their /dev entries, if possible
    • Getting WWN and enclosure ID for physical drives (attributes "wwn" and "enclosure" for "physical" object, software only)
    • Getting adapter's expanders ID and model (method "expanders" for "adapter" object)
    • Log dumping support ("log dump", for lsi_megacli only)
    • Enabling/disabling WriteCache support for logical and physical discs ("writecache" attribute for "physical" and "logical" object, software only)
    • Disabling powersaving support for logical and physical discs ("powersaving" attribute for "physical" and "logical" object, software only)
    • BBU support (arcconf)
  • Support for new adapters / chipsets, improved RAID autodetection:
    • Adaptec 2405, Adaptec 51645, Adaptec 5405Z, Adaptec 5445Z, Adaptec 5805Z, Adaptec 6405, Adaptec 6805, Adaptec 6805Q
    • Intel RS2BL040, Intel RS2BL080, Intel RS2WC040
    • LSI 53C896/897-based, LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i, LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260, LSI SRCSASLS4I
    • SuperMicro SMC2108
  • User friendliness:
    • command line interface now hints what objects are available
    • most objects and methods can be abbreviated akin to UNIX commands (i.e. "physical list" => "pd ls", "logical hotspare delete" => "ld hs rm", etc)
    • adapter type and number specification can be omitted if there's only one adapter in the system
    • more user-friendly error messages
    • output is "humanized" by default if we use real tty for output
    • added man pages: einarc(8), einarc-install(8), raid-wizard-clear(8), raid-wizard-passthrough(8), raid-wizard-optimal(8)
    • prevent lsi_megacli from littering its log files around by default
  • Bumped versions of proprietary CLI utilities:
    • Areca 1.9.0_120503
    • LSI MegaRC 1.11
    • LSI MegaCLI 8.07.07
    • 3Ware
    • ArcConf 1.1.20324
  • Compatibility issues:
    • Ruby 1.9 compatibility, 1.8 should be still supported
    • dash compatibility, bash is no longer required
    • Workarounds for proprietary CLI calls that require Linux kernel 2.6.x explicitly to work on kernel 3.x
    • Support for more than 26 logical discs (i.e. names like "sdaa" beyond "sda"-"sdz")
    • Dropped HAL support: querying now uses udev, procfs and sysfs
    • Explicitly disallowed software-RAID-on-top-of-hardware-RAID, added switch to disallow software-RAID-on-USB-mass-storage
  • Infrastructure and API changes:
    • Added testing framework using mock-up adapters CLI output, added tests for lsi_megacli and lsi_megarc
    • All output is done to @outstream by default (which can be overridden), not $stdout
    • Subversion -> Git transition, Git maintenance support
  • Multiple bugfixes and minor improvements

@GreyCat GreyCat released this Oct 7, 2013 · 267 commits to master since this release

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  • Support for post-build reconfiguration of proprietary CLIs and supporting modules. This allows Einarc to be supplied via usual binary packaging methods (rpm/deb): proprietary CLIs can be installed after binary package installation using special setup tool “einarc-install”.
  • Experimental support for hardware RAID autodetection in both build-time (configure) and run-time (einarc-install).
  • Many stability fixes and bug fixes.

@GreyCat GreyCat released this Oct 7, 2013 · 311 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers by Andras Horvath.
  • Full read/write support of Linux software RAIDs.
  • Updated all proprietary utilities URLs, pumped up version numbers,
    fixed wrapper regular expressions to support new versions of CLIs.
  • Added new calculated fields in adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct
    and vendor/subvendor IDs. These allow precise identification of PCI
    devices related to adapters shown by Einarc.
  • Fuller BBU support for Adaptec adapters.
  • Multiple stability and build fixes (Makefile now supports parallel
    execution with "make -j").

@GreyCat GreyCat released this Oct 7, 2013 · 371 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Support for new RAID devices: newer Adaptec adapters using arcconf.
  • New objects "bbu" and "firmware" are introduced: now it's possible to
    get information about BBU and read/write firmware to supported adapters.
  • More strict "adapter info" report: it outputs serial number and tries
    to pinpoint a particular adapter using PCI IDs, if possible.
  • Updates for existing devices:
    • aaccli: now it downloads and uses later, more acceptable version, not
      linked against arts library. Note, however, that
      Adaptec_Storage_Manager-Linux_v2.10.00 is a huge ~36M download.
    • megacli: updated version to 1.01.27.
  • Multiple stability, metadata and rare occurance fixes for all modules.
  • Improved build system.
  • "raid-wizard-passthrough" can be used to handle smaller groups of HDDs
    (not all available devices).

@GreyCat GreyCat released this Oct 7, 2013 · 413 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Added documentation in package
  • Brand-new configure: now everything can be controlled from
    command-line parameters, individual modules can be enabled/disabled at
    compile time.
  • Updated download/build mechanism: it asks for license agreement
    interactively. For non-interactive builds, just touch proprietary/agreed
  • Bugfixes in lsi_megarc, adaptec_aaccli modules
  • Compatibility with older Ruby (<1.8.6)