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JavaScript 0 336


forked from peers/peerjs-server

Server for PeerJS

Updated May 2, 2014

JavaScript 0 371


forked from epeli/underscore.string

String manipulation extensions for Underscore.js javascript library.

Updated Feb 24, 2014

JavaScript 0 28


forked from keenlabs/KeenClient-Node

Official NodeJS client for the Keen IO API. Build analytics features directly into your NodeJS apps.

Updated Feb 9, 2014

JavaScript 0 244


forked from Automattic/knox

S3 Lib

Updated Feb 7, 2014


forked from everpix/Everpix-Intelligence

Uncensored Everpix metrics, financials and slides for your perusing

Updated Jan 10, 2014

JavaScript 0 4


forked from Localize/node-onesky

OneSky API for Node.js

Updated Oct 6, 2013

JavaScript 0 75


forked from i18next/i18next-node

internationalisation (i18n) for node.js the easy way (incl. clientside usage)

Updated Jul 7, 2013


forked from RealyUniqueName/StablexUI

UI engine for Haxe NME designed to give as much freedom as possible in customizing UI

Updated Mar 15, 2013

JavaScript 4 2


cargobox - Node.JS web development framework (Express OOP port)

Updated Mar 29, 2012

JavaScript 12 10


forked from angelini/resty

Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect

Updated Feb 11, 2012


forked from Yahasana/kohana-oauthz

OAuth protocol 2.0 implement for Kohana 3, including server and client

Updated Feb 28, 2011

ActionScript 40 2


AS3 Global Object is a Singleton that lets you store dynamic variables in a globally accessible location within your Actionscript 3 application. This enables developers to accomplish things like self registering visual components, global events and event listeners.

Updated Oct 27, 2010

ActionScript 3 0


Updated Dec 15, 2009


forked from sittercity/sprig

Object modeling system for Kohana, inspired by Django

Updated Oct 31, 2009


forked from joshuaclayton/blueprint-css

A modification of Blueprint CSS - a CSS framework that aims to cut down on your CSS development time

Updated Sep 26, 2009

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