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Development setup for the mashlib project
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Mashlib development project

This project is intended to ease the development setup for the mashlib project, aka Solid data browser.

It allows you to install automatically several of the component repositories of the mashlib system, and coordinate their development.

It uses a subset of the functionality in Lerna to bootstrap the various projects. Do note that you cannot use it to manage multi-package repositories like you normally would want to with Lerna.

The NPM scripts are using bash scripts. These might not work if you're developing on a Windows machine. Let us know if you want support for this.

Many of the repositories used in this project uses Node Version Manager to maintain the Node version used to build the project. Be sure to have it installed.

First time setup

git clone
cd mashlib-dev
npm run setup

Run this the first time you setup your folder. By default this setups some repos for you:

  • mashlib: the glue that puts everything together
  • node-solid-server: the server that allows you to test your changes
  • solid-panes: the part that handles everything reg panes
  • solid-ui: a lot of reusable code for solid-panes and the various pane-repos

Any changes you do in this projects needs to committed to their original repos and eventually pushed manually to NPM (this is the part of Lerna that we do not use for this project).

You can start your server and test out your code with:

npm start

Some projects require you to build a package before you can see changes, so check the various package.json files to see which scripts are available. You can usually do npm run build, and some also supports npm run watch which builds a new version each time you do a local change.

Add dependency

You can add other projects to your workspaces to do local changes. We've mapped most projects that are related to mashlib for you, so you can simply do:

npm run add <name-of-repo>

For the projects that we haven't mapped you need to manually give the URL to the Git repo.

npm run add <name-of-repo> <git-url-of-repo>

Remove dependency

This removes the dependency itself and cleans up dependencies.

npm run delete <name-of-repo>


If you for some reason aren't able to get your setup working, you should double-check that Lerna actually manages to bootstrap the repositories. One way of doing this is to check node_modules in one of them and verify that the dependency that should be bootstrapped is actually a symlink to the corresponding repository (e.g. check that workspaces/mashlib/node_modules/solid-ui links to workspaces/solid-ui ). If it doesn't, it is usually because of different version (e.g. mashlib expects a newer version of solid-ui than the one you have locally). Make sure that these are aligned, then bootstrap again by running npm start or do it manually with npx lerna bootstrap (must be run in the root of the mashlib-dev repo).

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