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Kill it dead

A small piece of javascript added to your page to alert the user that their browser is not supported (or support soon to be dropped) by this site and prompt them to install a new browser. It will continue to appear until the user clicks the X, which will set a cookie for 1 week. After which, it will return again.

Checkout a working demo at


To kill Internet Explorer < 8... though it would be nice to kill IE 8 too.


You're going to have to store the javascript and css files somewhere on your webspace.

  1. Change the killie.css to suit your needs
  2. Minify and Upload killie.css to your webspace
  3. In killie.js change the css path to the above location (2).
  4. Minify and Upload killie.js to your webspace
  5. In your html (either in the <head> of the document or, for better performance, before the </body> tag) use one of the following (depending what version of ie you're after):

For IE6

<!--[if IE lte 6]><script src="path/to/killie.js"></script><![endif]-->

For IE7

<!--[if IE lte 7]><script src="path/to/killie.js"></script><![endif]-->


In the first few lines of killie.js there are a few variables you can change which modifies the message and the browsers offered, as well as the path to your css. Feel free to change these to suit your needs and language requirements.